SRP Icon™ Urethane Adhesive

The new SRP Icon is a revolutionary product offering 30 minute crash test validated drive away times down to 0°F (-17°C).  The SRP Icon is also rated high modulous and low conductive and is required when installing auto glass on many of today's sports and luxury vehicles. The high modulus formula adds torsional stiffness to the vehicle and helps protect embedded electronics. The SRP Icon is also required for vehicles with aluminum body frames.

Application Instructions

  • Apply adhesive to either the glass or pinchweld using a triangular bead approx 3/8 inch base by ½ inch height.
  • Replacement glass must be prepped either with SRP7000 or primed with SRP7050 prior to adhesive application.
  • Scratches and exposed paint needs to be primed with SRP5025 Paint Primer prior to windshield replacement.
  • See SRP Installation Manual for complete installation instructions.

SRP Primers You Will Need

Supporting Products

Storage Requirements

  • Store between 60°F and 85°F (15.5°C and 30°C)