SRP Preps and Primers

SRP Totalseal Preps and Primers are designed to work with all SRP Totalseal products. No matter which type of priming method you prefer, SRP allows you to choose the primer you want to use.

  • SRP5025 The SRP5025 saves you money by eliminating the need for separate pinchweld primers. For exposed metal, painted surfaces, encapsulated parts and moldings as well as reactivates PAAS and trimmed urethane.
  • SRP5055 is used to primer large areas or bare metal and aluminum. Perfect for body shop installations and for priming after rust rectification work is complete.
  • SRP7000 One step clear glass prep and primer is a popular choice for installers on the go.
  • SRP7050 Glass primer is a one-step blackout primer designed to promote adhesion between the urethane and the glass while protecting the urethane from UV degradation when there isn’t a frit. Can also be used to primer painted surfaces.

For use with SRP Totalseal Urethanes

Supporting Products

Storage Requirements

  • Store between 60°F and 85°F (15.5°C and 30°C)