SRP Surface Winzard™

The Power to Save Glass is in your Hands

Introducing the all-purpose surface restoration system that will help you stop scratches from cutting into your bottom line. With the SRP Surface Wizard™, you can easily remove a scratch from that valuable piece of glass or plastic.

With a series of different quick change attachments, the SRP Surface Wizard™ will remove hard water stains from glass and restore plastics and acrylic surfaces that have been damaged by scratches, hazing, and discoloration - that includes headlamp lenses, collapsible windows on convertibles, motorcycle windscreens, boat windows, emergency vehicle light bars, and acrylic skylights just to name a few!

The SRP Surface Wizard™ is perfect for anyone who wants to remove light wiper blade scratches from auto glass, polish out faded plastics and acrylics, or wants to remove scratches and blemishes from auto, flat, and architectural glass.

Additional Surface Wizard Kit Information